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Santa Monica Blvd. Valet B-Permit
Site overview

Westfield Century City







General Contractor:


Westfield Century City, a flagship mall for the developer, recently underwent a $1-billion renovation that refreshed the aging mall.  Designed by Westfield’s in-house studio, with consultants Kelly Wearstler, Gensler, and The Office of James Burnett, the final product positions the mall as a lifestyle destination. Inspired by Southern California mid-century modern style and spotlights the area’s perfect weather, “the mall design is meant to be a sanctuary,” according to Westfield executive Peter Lowy.  The mall’s 8-acres of outdoor space is an enviable public space that features strolling gardens and lounging areas with the purpose of enticing the consumer to linger. 

Shaw & Sons installed 220,000 square feet of our patented Lithocrete Ground Acid finish for the mall concourse.  The Lithocrete Ground Acid finish lends itself well to construction schedules as we are able to place, seed and protect the concrete and come back later to perform the grinding and acid washing.  It is also ideal for high traffic areas as the finish stays clean and is low maintenance.The site perimeter featured both Lithocrete Presto, with large white aggregates, and light and heavy washed finishes. In total, Shaw and Sons placed approximately 500,000 sf of paving. Shaw & Sons also built 2,220 lineal feet of walls. 

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