I would like to thank all of the design professionals, architects, contractors and property owners who we have come to know, and who have shared their knowledge and experience with us and have integrated our people and our products into their own projects. I place great value on our people and what we have built together; their skills and attention to detail are showcased on this site which reflect the same planning, development and construction expertise that we will always invest in your projects.


-Ron Shaw

“During preconstruction it became clear that this project was very special and unique. George Lucas was very involved in the design and many unique feature details throughout the project. We knew it would be a real challenge to deliver the new School of Cinematic Arts buildings that he envisioned. Knowing the detail and quality required on this high profile project, we knew it was imperative to have a quality firm like Shaw & Sons on board to help make the design a reality. As on projects in the past, Shaw & Sons understood out strategy from beginning to end. Their performance and quality on tis project was excellent. Shaw & Sons truly made a difference on this landmark project on the USC campus.” 

– Jerry Bendewish, Hathaway Dinwiddie.  

“SWA has been most fortunate to work with Shaw & Sons for over 20 years in Southern California. It has been a relationship that both SWA and our client value and support. I personally want to thank you for your relentless pursuit for excellence in your work and for your willingness to offer an inexhaustible breath of opportunity in design and implementation, often against all odds.” 

– David Berkson, SWA Group INC

“With over 4 acres of open space in the heart of Century City, “Century Park” needed to become a world-class destination to compete the project’s vision. The landscape and hardscape for the centerpiece has to seamlessly integrate and unity both 2000 Avenue of the Stars and Century Plaza Towers. Ron and his team were instrumental in developing pallets that addressed maintenance, glare and durability while still adding to the material quality of the two premier properties. They handle their product with workmanship and exacting precision. It’s that exceptional care that sets Shaw & Sons apart as true artisans” 

– Gene Watanabe

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