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We are all grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a meaningful and productive way of life. Architectural landmarks on which we have worked include the Getty Villas, Griffith Observatory, the Reagan & Nixon Presidential Libraries, some of LA’s largest and most complex parks, many countless hospitals, office building and plazas. We have safely constructed well over 800 structural projects and 1800 architectural projects.

Every time I pass by one of these developments, I can still envision my mentors, family members and friends with whom I worked to make the project a reality and in many cases, an important part of the community. A lot of our mentors and friends are gone now but the memories of our work together are still strong, and for me they are very important and never forgotten. It’s so good to see how durable and attractive these projects are because each one has, in many ways, become a part of us at Shaw & Sons.

We have been disciplined to strictly follow our own rules and procedures that greatly exceed general standards and specifications, to never take shortcuts, and to pay close attention to even the minute detail. This degree of professional training and the resulting foundation of workmanship have been the underpinning of our forty-plus construction-related patents that ensure the expected outcome and quality of a product by following an exact combination of criteria and methodologies.

Our consistent quality has become recognized in the industry and is where our competitors typically fall short. We know from experience that other companies take shortcuts to save money; however, the final quality of the project is often compromised by leaving out critical steps and/or procedures. All systems and components that make up our products are absolutely necessary; they are the reason our projects continue to look “new” after years of heavy use in harsh environments.


Along with exceptional quality, the strength and precision of our products give our clients added value by reducing costs associated with maintenance, repair and replacement. Aesthetics also play an important role in our hardscape design and clients frequently tell us that the visual enhancement of our products is a key component in the uniqueness that differentiates and elevates their projects in the marketplace. Our multiple patents and trademarks exemplify the value that we place in the creativity and innovative nature of our products and our desire to protect our work at the highest possible level.


-Ron Shaw

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