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The Map at La Jolla Shores
DJI_0830 (2)
Gray Whale Juvenile JJ 114 DJI_0841
The Map Plaza Mosaic  (3)
Harbor Seal 115 DJI_0783
Ocean Sunfish 75 DJI_0672
California Sea Lion 112 DJI_0698
Blue Shark 52
The Map Plaza Mosaic  (4)
Bat Ray 8 DJI_0776
Broadnose Sevengill Shark 91  (1)
Blue Rockfish 65 DJI_0804
The Map Plaza Mosaic  (2)
Osprey 105 DJI_0833
Walleye Surfperch 88 DJI_0759
Wahoo 87 DJI_0665
White Seabass 40
Yellowtail DJI_0695

The Map


Walter Munk Foundation


Brailsford Public Art

The Map of La Jolla Canyons was commissioned by the Walter Munk Foundation as a tribute to Walter Munk.  One of Munk's many accomplishments was the discovery of these canyons off La Jolla Shores.  The art piece was executed using Craftsmen Plaza Monolithic Mosaic.  It was initially fabricated off-site by Robin Brailsford and Wick Alexander then brought on site once it was ready for installation.  

In total, there is 2,400 sf of mosaic art embedded monolithic with the concrete.  The Map depicts 123 species of sea life that reside within the canyons including a 31 ft image of "JJ" the baby gray whale.

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