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RAND Corporation


RAND Corporation


AECOM/Mia Lehrer + Associates

General Contractor:

Turner Construction

The RAND Corporation Headquarters is a five-story structure totaling 325,000 square feet and includes three levels of subterranean parking. The elliptically shaped office building, which encloses interior courtyards, is traversed by two open air bridges. This project is LEED Gold certified.

More than 70,000 square feet of Shaw Beige Type III cement with mica was constructed mainly on our slip sheet detail over eight inches of foam floating over structural deck. This system with our construction joint detailing virtually eliminated all cracking for the Rand Corporation.

“The Lithocrete paving of the courtyards at the RAND Corporation allows for an inviting multipurpose space for social gathering, promoting interaction amongst the staff and guests. The mock-ups provided by Shaw & Sons during the design process allowed the colors and textures of the pavement to complement the building palette and landscaping. The curvilinear nature of the building massing is expressed with precise sawcuts running through the pavement.”

- Steven Zimmerman, AECOM

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