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Chase Center


Golden State Warriors

Landscape Architect:


General Contractor:

Mortenson Clark JV

Chase Center is the new Golden State Warrior’s arena located in the Mission Bay district of San Francisco.  The project had a tight construction schedule, breaking ground in January 2017 and opening for the first event in September 2019.  Shaw and Sons poured 3,615 cubic yards (148,000 square feet of decorative concrete and 3,000 lineal feet of stairs) in 12 weeks.  Our crews traveled from Southern California to San Francisco to complete the work.

The paving types on the project were selected to with withstand heavy foot traffic and use.  The main entry plaza features a custom mix created for the warriors.  It is integrally colored white cement and white sand mix that was surface seeded with white Mt. Airy granite and recycled amber colored glass chips.  Also a feature near the main entry is the “Gatehouse” structure, originally designed to be precast which the schedule no longer could allow.  Shaw & Sons cast the feature in place utilizing a lightweight mix with white cement and integral white sand and color with surface seeded aggregate to match the plaza. 

On the backside of the arena, facing the bay, our “mirror” paving is now home to the Danish artist Olafur Eliasson’s “Seeing Spheres” art installation.  Five 15-foot polished mirror orbs arranged in a circle sit on a finish created with Type II/V cement with integral Orca sand and surface seeded recycled crushed mirror chips that sparkle under the lights.

Images courtesy of SWA Group.

Project Awards:

2020 ENR Best of the Best, Sports/Entertainment

2020 ENR California Best Project, Sports/Entertainment

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